Gompers, Cornish & Barr Collectibles Insurance

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In January, The Blanchard Agency became part of Gompers, Cornish & Barr.  We encourage all Blanchard clients to reach out on our GCB Insurance Website to conduct business.


We know that your collector’s items have taken years to acquire and are very valuable to you. From jewelry, to antiques, priceless fabrics and artwork, or stamps, comics and baseball cards, we can help you protect your priceless items for less.

Contact our local agency in Macomb today to have an agent sit down with you to determine the best coverage for your collection. Our agents have the experience to help you find the right coverage and keep your collector’s policies up to date. By having access to multiple carriers, we can help you find the best coverage at the most affordable rates to get total protection, including items inside or outside of your home.





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