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Effective 1/1/19 Gompers, Cornish & Barr has acquired The Blanchard Agency.  We welcome their clients and look forward to working with the team at Blanchard.


If you are a general contractor, contractor, or subcontractor, you are required to carry contractors insurance by various laws and businesses that you work for.  But what coverage is right for you?  What protection do you need for unforeseen complications?

At Gomper, Cornish & Barr, our associates, just like you, have the training and expertise to provide you with the kind of information that pertains to you -- there are no "canned" answers to your specific questions.  We make it a priority to listen to your needs in order to give you the advice that matters to you most.

Give us a call or drop by our office in Macomb, we will be glad to assist you.