Gompers Cornish & Barr Cyber Liability Insurance

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In January, The Blanchard Agency became part of Gompers, Cornish & Barr.  We encourage all Blanchard clients to reach out on our GCB Insurance Website to conduct business.

Cyber Liability

Every day we see articles in the news another company has been hacked, or attacked by malware, or breached.  How do you protect your business?  With cyber liability insurance.  Traditional liability products don't address Internet exposures.  Cyber Insurance covers a large range of loss exposures such as damages due to loss or theft of client data, email-transmitted libel, and much more.  This coverage is changing constantly and undergoing changes to meet the obvious growth of communications capabilities in the cyber world.

Don't let your business being unprotected, call us today or stop by our office in Macomb and one of our associates will answer any questions you might have regarding cyber liability and its applicability to your business.